Notify App license information

Compatible with
  • Chinese smartwatch
  • HW12
  • E80DL
  • Hry3
  • WATCH A11
  • Triones
  • V8
  • CW
  • VBF CF81
  • WellAudio
  • I29
  • SN93
  • Q18
  • X9
  • SN80Y
  • W12
  • KW19
  • NK03
  • V20
  • ID206
  • N88
  • X8 Max
  • Z60
  • F28
  • SWS 11
  • DZ09
  • W98
  • SBD004
  • P7 Max
  • SW20
  • TK28
  • i12
  • K22
  • FT10
  • ZL02D
  • TX-SW7HR
  • LD5
  • GP-SW002
  • Fire Boltt
  • D20
  • Y18
  • RFB 550
  • P6
  • P63
  • E13
  • E86
  • U8
  • X6
  • P32E
  • W13
  • LT716
  • M26 Plus
  • T500

License is linked to your Google account, so if you change phone, reinstall app, ... license will be kept. Just ensure correct Google account is used.
Do a phone reboot to force license refresh (or clear Google play store services cache from phone settings).

License payment is ONE time only: lifetime license.
License price is about 3 euro (taxes and VAT not included)

Family option: Google doesn't allow family option for in-app purchases. Full documentation here

Google doesn't allow migrate in-app purchases to a different Google account (examples: wife, son, ...)

Unable to buy a license using Google Playstore?

Follow this tutorial to install the Notify app from Huawei App Gallery and purchase license using Huawei payment.
Or you can contact the developer (email available on PlayStore or app help section) to get additional solutions

There are two licenses (activate only what you need, one or both)

PRO license: unlock everything except external app sync (Strava, ...). This license allow you see text notifications on your band, unlock widgets, setup custom calls, reminders, ... Ads will be removed.
External sync license: unlock only external app sync (Strava, Runkeeper, ...) There is a free trial period of 24h.

Why not only one single license for all features? We want to keep app price lower as much possible, so we have created different licenses to allow user buy only what he needs

Notify for Mi Band vs Notify for Amazfit

Mi Band Notify app and Amazfit Notify app are two different app, so also licenses are different. You should buy only license you need.
Hint: While you can't transfer the license, you can migrate Mi Band Notify app data to Amazfit Notify app using import/export backup option from main left menu.

How to check your licenses

You can review your purchases on play store purchases history or on
If you don't remember the Google account used to buy the license check it on

License missing or lost

License cannot be restored? Check this tutorial License not found

01-10-2021 Notice

We will not give support if you are not able to restore a license already bought before. Please follow the tutorials available on app. If you are not able to restore the previous purchase, you have to buy a new license. Please notice, price for a license is like buy a coffee. We want to remember you, 99% of problems are related to Google Playstore (Playstore is not sending the purchase details to Notify app) and not to this app. Read below instructions to restore license successfully.

Huawei users

if you have bought license using Play Store, keep using the Notify app version downloaded from PlayStore to keep valid your license. If you install app from Huawei AppGallery store you will have to buy a new license using Huawei store. New Huawei phones without PlayStore installed, license must be purchased using Huawei store. Is not possible migrate a license from Google to Huawei store.