How to do custom actions using your DT NO.1

Compatible with
  • DT NO.1
  • DT NO.1 DT3
  • DT NO.1 DT1
  • DT NO.1 DT70
  • DT NO.1 DT3 PRO
  • DT NO.1 DT2
  • DT NO.1 DT95
  • DT NO.1 DT98
  • DT NO.1 DT89
  • DT NO.1 DT96
  • DT NO.1 DT88
  • DT NO.1 DT94
  • DT NO.1 DT93
  • DT NO.1 DT X
  • DT NO.1 G12
  • DT NO.1 DT58
  • DT NO.1 F18
  • DT NO.1 G8
  • DT NO.1 G12
  • DT NO.1 F6
  • DT NO.1 F13
  • DT NO.1 S10
  • DT NO.1 DT28
  • DT NO.1 DT08
  • DT NO.1 DT97
  • DT NO.1 DT78
  • DT NO.1 DT99
  • DT NO.1 DT55
  • DT NO.1 DT56
  • DT NO.1 DT66
  • DT NO.1 DT91
  • DT NO.1 DT35

With the recent introduction of the Notify App, we are now able to set up custom buttons on our DT NO.1 with actions like starting an assistance or sending a message without taking your phone out of the pocket.
These buttons can be used for a variety of purposes and they can be programmed to do anything you want them to do.

Some examples of what you could do with these custom buttons are:
  • Start an Alexa routine
  • Start Tasker task
  • Start IFTTT task
  • Activate phone Google Assistant
  • Display last notification
  • Start a timer
  • Find your phone
  • Toggle phone silent mode
  • Control phone volume
  • Take a picture using phone camera
  • Start an app
  • Make a call
  • Send a message
  • Make an emergeny SOS call/message
  • Make an HTTP request
Setting up custom button actions on your DT NO.1 is simple and straightforward:
  • The first step is to open the Notify app on your Android
  • Open Button section
  • Open Notify button options
  • Check the first tutorial showed on app to ensure you understand exactly how it works
  • Tap on Next track action option to choose which custom action to execute
  • Optionally, setup other additional custom actions, including 2x taps

Only watches with built-in music player support the custom button actions