Complete guide to replacing characters with custom text on your Haylou and how you can do it right now

Compatible with
  • Haylou
  • Haylou Smart Watch 2
  • Haylou RT LS05S
  • Haylou Solar
  • Haylou GST

Introduction: What is Character Replacement and What are the Benefits?

Character replacement is a text editing technique that allows you to enter custom text rules to replace characters with different characters. It is also possible to replace symbols with custom text.
The benefits of character replacement are:
  • It can be used for any form of textual input, such as chat and SMS messages, and even social media posts.
  • It can be used for any language that uses a Latin alphabet, which includes Western European languages like English, Spanish, French and German.
  • It can be used to replace special symbols not displayed correctly on your Haylou due to firmware limitations.
  • You can setup your custom abbreviations to save space on your watch display, for example you can setup to automatically replace "End Of Day" with "EOD".
To setup your custom replacements rules:
  • The first step is to open the Notify app on your Android
  • Open app notifications
  • Go on the general settings (see Gear icon)
  • Tap on Replace characters option
  • Start adding your replacement rule, write the character/word to replace and then set the new word to be replaced