How to integrate your Redmi with Tasker

Compatible with
  • Redmi
  • Redmi Watch 2 Lite
  • Redmi Watch 2
  • Redmi Band Pro
  • Redmi Watch
  • Redmi Band

Tasker is a popular automation app that allows the user to create custom tasks. Notify is a notification app that can be used to send notifications to your Redmi for different events. The integration of Tasker with Notify provides the user with custom notifications and actions.
Tasker can be used to create custom actions and notifications to be sent on your Redmi by using Notify App integration.

This integration works also on other similar apps like: Automate, AutomateIt, ...

Tasker integrations allow you to do things like:
  • Send a notification with a custom title, text and vibration
  • Upload a watchface
  • Disable/Enable button
  • Resend last notification
  • Toggle heart monitor on/off
  • Toggle silence mode on/off
  • Sync Redmi data
  • Toggle on/off a smart alarm
  • Change app profile
  • Get realtime steps values
  • Get realtime heart rate values
  • Get band battery values
  • Know when band get connected and disconnected
  • Receive an event when you fell asleep*
  • Receive an event when you woke up*
  • Receive an event when you stop wearing band*
  • Receive an event when watch battery is fully charged
  • Receive custom buttons events

For additional information about Tasker please check the tutorial on Tools > Taske section on Notify app