How to display a notification for a longer time on Trevi

Compatible with
  • Trevi
  • Trevi T-Fit 220
  • Trevi T-Fit 210
  • Trevi T-Fit 260
  • Trevi T-Fit 270
  • Trevi T-Fit 320
  • Trevi T-Fit 290

Trevi is a great device to have, but it has its flaws. One of the biggest complaints is that the notification display time is too short. It only displays text for few seconds and this can be frustrating when you want to know what the notification was about.
This section will show you how to make Trevi show the notification for a longer time (an alternative solution to bypass the watch limitations)

To enable this feature:
  • The first step is to open the Notify app on your Android
  • Open App notifications
  • Open the app you want get showed for a longer time (for example Whatsapp)
  • Change the Repeat option and set a value like 2 or 3
  • Notify setup to show Whatsapp notification for a longer time